This is a group page for RR Collectors, Buy / Sell / Trade & Display page. Find that RR Item you always wanted, or post RR items you would like to offer for sale, and meet up with other RR Collectors worldwide. Post your RR Want lists, or if you got an RR item in your collection you wanna show, go ahead and post.

This page is different than other RR FB pages, as it is OK to post RR items here in this group to buy sell trade. (Recommended items, ANYTHING RANDY), Blizzard Of Ozz, Diary Of A Madman, Quiet Riot, RR Collectibles, Guitars, Magazines, Photos, Pins, etc. - And if you see something insane on Ebay, go ahead and post it if you think a serious RR fan would like to get it, or at least take a look at it.

When you find an RR trading partner, use Paypal whenever possible, DON'T SEND CASH. An honest seller will send the item within 1 or 2 day handling time, and always get a tracking #. Paying for the extra shipping insurance on all items is recommended. The insurance will cover lost, stolen or damaged goods. So, if your an RR Collector like myself, and always picking up new RR items, or even selling on Ebay, keep up to date with this page too.

This site was not created out of greed or need for money. The idea is to create a friendly Randy Trading Group, We hope you can dig on that.

Happy RR Trading, and thx for joining this RR Trading community. - Jeff